AG—URIOSTE is a contemporary jewelry brand by designer Agustina Urioste. Throughout her career as a fashion designer and stylist she developed great interest in jewelry design and craftsmanship, evolving passionately into it in 2017 starting her own label. Her studies in jewelry include a course with a tutor in Uruguay where she learnt the craftsmanship in year 2016, and a jewelry design course in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London in year 2019 where she acquired creative and technical rendering skills and a working knowledge of the jewelry artistry.

AG stands for silver, the main raw material worked by hand on its more pure state. Each piece is individually crafted in Montevideo, Uruguay with the help of local silversmiths. AG design is characterised by clear, defined and modern shapes. The attention to details and fine craftmanship with a contemporary technical approach define AG—URIOSTE jewelry.

Her goal is to create jewelry for everyone.